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Beautiful 1:326 Earth Map - Fair Staff - Siegewar Weekend - Monthly Events - Friendly Community

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The Earth Made of Blocks!

Experience the earth with a twist! Explore, discover, visit your hometown or your dream country and maybe even build it on our precisely generated and accurate 1:326 Earth Map!

Build, Manage, Conquer!

Passionate about building a town? Wanna build a friendly community of friends? Or maybe you wanna conquer and rule the earth! Possibilities are endless here on NewEarth with our Towny and SiegeWar plugins.

Gold Talks!

Find yourself a place in our Player Driven Economy where the currency is gold! Mine or trade yourself all the way to the top with our economy plugins!

We are on your side!

Our server was founded on the idea of a fair and unbiased staff team always pushing forward to develop the server and serve the players. So you never have to worry about anything taking away from your fun!